Dl security. Agreement in a majority vote on a new text

31 July 2020È arrived via the free ‘the political’ to the revision of the decrees of safety intended by the former minister of the interior Matteo Salvini. Are served five meetings to the members of the majority to resolve the nodes that have divided the Pd and the M5s for more than a year.

Between the points news the cancellation of the fines of million-dollar ships, ngos, and the enlargement of access to humanitarian protection, the revision of the system of reception Siproimi, the possibility for asylum seekers to register at the anagrafe of the municipality. It is precisely on this last point, the recently delivered judgment of the constitutional Court declaring unreasonable the stop of the registration in the register of asylum seekers. The text will also be submitted to the attention of local authorities. However, it is not expected to be immediately approved. In part because the landings have returned to increase, and in part to avoid repercussions on the regional elections in the council of ministers if they will not before September.

It has not been an easy path the one that led to the shared text. Initially, the positions between the different forces of the majority were spread apart, with Pd, Leu, and Iv), which pushed for a strong signal of discontinuity with the measures signed by Salvini that had introduced, among other things, fines of up to one million euros for the ships of the humanitarian entered the Italian waters in violation of the law; they had practically cleared the humanitarian protection, and removed the asylum seekers from the system host promoted with the municipalities (the former Sprar, become Siproimi). The cinquestelle – which at the time of the decrees ruled with the League – wanted to be limited to accommodate the findings by the head of state Sergio Mattarella. After the first meeting, however, the location of the movement is ‘softened’ by opening to the more substantial changes requested by the allies.

In the text area are the expansion of special permits to those who may be subject to “inhuman and degrading treatment” in their own country, to those who need medical care, who come from countries in which they are incurred “grave calamities”; the half-life of time of detention in the cpr (from 180 to 90 days); the review of the reception system Siproimi, limited by Salvini only to refugees, by providing for two levels (one of the first assistance the other, even with the integration) and structures with small numbers managed by the municipalities and extended to asylum seekers; the convertibility of the permits of stay permits for work reasons; the intervention on the ‘minor fact’ asked by Mattarella about the cases of violence to the public official.