Mattarella: “the Guard is still high, the danger is still present”

July 31, 2020
“The world of information has been consulted by the virus and gave a proof of having been in the service of the general interest of the citizens. A major role in combating the pandemic. An opportunity perhaps unexpected that raises the role of journalism. Opposite role to the production of the bad information, of fake news. The information professional and quality has been recognized by the citizens”. He said the president Sergio Mattarella, during the ceremony of the “fan”.

“There is a tendency to forget and to remove unpleasant experience. Maybe it was not conceivable that the removal affiorasse so soon, the mind in our Country continue to die people for the virus. It is a reason not to lower your defenses”.
“Only without division and with a common research perspective” for the future we can work on the “recovery” and a return to “normal said Mattarella: “I Want to say thanks to the Countries which showed their closeness and friendship to Italy as well as Italy has done with the Countries that have had need of help. This in the awareness that no one could win the challenge” of the pandemic.

“Freedom ” she continued, Mattarella – is a fundamental value in a democracy, but it can’t be confused with the “right to sick-other” warning that you must not “lower our guard” also for “respect for those who died” and then he added: “there are values that are confined to the center of the democracy as freedom”, but it is necessary to “avoid confusing the freedom with the right to cause disease in others. Learn to live with the virus does not mean acting as if the virus, there were no more”.