Open Arms, Salvini: “There was total agreement with premier Count”

31 July 2020Sul block of the ship ” Open Arms “there was total agreement with the Chairman of the Board”. He said the leader of the League and former minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, in connection with Clean Air on 7 golf, recalling that “the prohibition on entry in the Italian waters of this Spanish ship was signed by my prime minister, the minister of Transport Toninelli and of the minister of defence Thirty”.

“The affection of the people is incredible, if they think that they frighten me or they will hurt the accounts. We have to the government someone who fights on all of them, and the minority of this Country, the League is the first party, they may try to processarci all, they can try to arrest us all, but they will not succeed: the ideas do not stop” he then went on to Salvini in the aftermath of the Senate vote that says yes to the request for authorization to proceed with regard to the case ” Open Arms.”

The former Interior minister, recalls that it was a “agreed and shared” with the government, but “for my ideas and for my Country I am ready to go all the way”, he adds. “I’ll find a judge who says to me all over the world who are defending the borders does his duty, only in Italy, who makes passes for criminal, I have no worries of any kind”, he concludes.