School, Jay: “Lessons from a distance possible to one day a week”

July 31, 2020″In September we have to go back to school. The digital learning is designed for high school and can be for one day a week, but it’s an example and it would be only for boys aged 14 years and over”. This was stated by the minister of Education,Lucy Jay One Morning, about the possibility of lessons learnt in the distance.

“There is one force collective on the spaces and on the safety, back to school, if you make the team all together,” pointed out Jay. “We are planning to make a complex machine for the reopening, which provides a multi-level governance, the ministry of Education, the local authorities, mayors, presidents of provinces, to whom was given “dominion commissioner” to search for “other spaces necessary to maintain the metre of distancing”.

“Competitions should be made every two years”
“In a civilized Country competitions should be made every two years, as happens in Europe. Our goal is to conduct these contests and program requirements. The special competition is for 32 thousand seats and will be done shortly, within the first week of October or so. It is important because it will give stability to our teachers and to our students.”

“More than 50 thousand teachers and staff Covid’ “
“It will take many deputies and so many investments. In decree to raise a billion euros will go to the alternates: both the teaching staff and Ata. It is a first tranche, with the deviation that we have voted we will have more funds. We will have approximately more 50 thousand teachers and staff Ata, we might call it a ‘personal Covid’ but I hope that in the long run may serve to reduce the crowding of classes, and classes in the hen house”.