The Gdp of Italy down 12.4%, but the Square Business is the best

di Marzio Quaglino
31 July 2020Il decline in the gross domestic Product in Italy fell 12.4%, does not scare the markets what they were expecting at a given worst. So Milan is the best in Europe with an increase of 0,96%. It is, however, a recovery was only partial, compared to 3 percentage points lost yesterday. In the rest of the old continent London rises by 0.46%, while Frankfurt and Paris, and traveling around the parity. On the list of Piazza Affari stands Ubi Banca (+11,31%), after the conclusion of the public Offer of Purchase and Exchange, launched by Intesa Sanpaolo. Overall, the accession has exceeded the 91% of the share capital.
The collapse of the Us Gdp, -32,9% announced yesterday, makes you feel its effects on the foreign exchange market by accentuating the weakness of the Dollar. Benefits the euro, which has also affected the share 1,19, a value that was not reached by may of 2018. The appreciation of the single currency in over a month, more than 5 percentage points down, however, the competitiveness of european products in the export to the Usa.