Whirlpool, the to The Morgia: “we can Confirm the closure in Naples on the 31st of October”

31 July 2020La news comes during the meeting to Put in a video-conference between the company, trade unions, ministries of Labour, of the South and for economic Development: the 31 October, will be closed the plant in Naples. To say, the ceo of Whirlpool in Italy, Luigi Morgia.

“We need to discuss,” he said, the way to absorb the majority of the redundancies”. The company confirms its objective of € 250 million of investment by 2021 and “the commitment to continue to invest in Italy” even if the Covid-19 slowed down the production leading to a “delay of over 12 months in relation to the objectives of the industrial plan”.

The losses of the Whirlpool Italy
On the site of Naples, we invested 100 million euros in the last 10 years but unfortunately there are no more the conditions of economic sustainability”, he added Morgia, according to reported sources of the unions present at the table. For the manager, the company “have at least three years in a row that loses millions of euros both in terms of profit in terms of cash. The Covid has also created market dynamics that are different and today, our position in Italy, and also outside of, it is crucial to be able to allow you to react quickly to what is happening”. It is a “significant decline” to that caused by Covid in the second quarter of the year, the Group hopes to recover completely by the end of the year.

The minister Provenzano: all over again
“The presentation of the industrial plan to be part of the Whirlpool is not true and it is all to be redone, you cannot present confirmation of the plan by deleting one plant of the south”. Replication as the Minister for the south Giuseppe Provenzano to the data presented by the american Group to explain the crisis in manufacturing and the need to leave the site of Naples. “The plan is supported by the government, and we are ready to respond to the needs but must be resubmitted”.

Patuanelli: industrial plan lacking
On the same line as the Minister of economic Development Stefano Patuanelli: “This industrial plan has deficiencies and limitations that are excessive compared to the effect Covid and especially delete an important part of the industrial plan”. The meeting was also attended by the minister of Labour, Nunzia Catalfo. Patuanelli would have confirmed that almost 50 million euros have been made available by the Government and by the Campania Region to continue the production in Naples.
Now you are working for an alternative of series A

The goal of the government is to keep open the plant of the Whirlpool of Naples, therefore, explains the Minister Patuanelli, it remains the “option A” but “then with Invitalia we made a path for not finding us no alternative, we cannot afford to be without an alternative”. “We are working with groups of absolute excellence, not with companies, say, improvised – has added the minister – unfortunately, as sometimes has happened in the past. When we speak of the Adler group and Htl we speak of excellences, they are dimensionally very solid and recognized, present for a long time.”

“We’re doing the best you can”
“Most of what he is doing, the government with the region of Campania is objectively very difficult – continues Patuanelli – but to be serious you need to also build an alternative. As is well known in the aerospace sector, there is also an international leader participated in by the State with which there is a dialogue, and that may be part of the solution”. “We have made available, and coordinated a series of important tools, even pre Covid. That remains the option To and we are talking about tens of millions of euros. The minister Provenzano has implemented an additional measure of tax, which has an important impact on the Whirlpool and it adds to the other instruments. Then with Invitalia – concluded Patuanelli – we made a path for not finding us no alternative, we cannot afford to be without an alternative”.

Hypothesis Adler-Htl for 282 workers
The hypothesis to the study of Invitalia in the automotive sector, and avio can absorb it for now until 272/282 workers at the plant of the Whirlpool of Naples. In particular in the aeronautical industry, centralizing the production of the Adler Group in the area would bring with it, you can read in the tables presented at the table, an investment of eur 15.3 million and 52 jobs. These would be added to the project in the same group for the batteries to hydrogen in the automotive sector with 18.6 million investment and 20 employees, the expansion of production of Htl (50/60 workers) and the localization of another operator, with 150 workers.

The Prefect of Naples: we are concerned
“I’m here to testify that all the institutions are concerned about the closure of the site of Naples. You must make every effort to keep the production in the site of naples. You risk a social crisis with unforeseeable outcomes”. This was stated by the prefect of Naples, Marco Valentini, participating at the table to Put it, emphasizing that “the dispute Whirlpool has become a dispute symbol at the national level, with a great importance also from a social point of view”.

The unions: block layoffs
We ask the Government to confirm the Whirlpool blocking of layoffs, to avoid that from the 31st of October the workers of Naples to lose their jobs. It would be incomprehensible that, while the Government searches for solutions to the table to Put on to Naples, do not provide for the extension of the block redundancies”. He asks Barbara Tibaldi, national secretary Fiom-Cgil, responsible of the domestic appliance sector. “We reiterate – continues Tibaldi – that the dispute must come to the attention of the Premier, Count because it is evident, from the speeches today of the Ministers at the table, that there are different opinions within the Government. That’s the seat to the height of a discussion that not only involves the maintenance of the plant of Naples, but the seal of all the sites of the Whirlpool group, that can not spend for the respect of the plan.”