Zaia: “Clinically we are not in emergency, the centre Casier should be abandoned”

July 31, 2020 “Clinically at this time we are in emergency”: this was stated by the governor of the Veneto Luca Zaia, speaking of the new cases in the region of positivity to the Covid, including the 132 positive (131 migrants and a cultural mediator) found in the welcome Center of the former Barracks Serena di Casier, Treviso. “We caught the 131 positive – explains – why we found the three symptomatic”. Zaia stressed that the outbreaks in Veneto there are a total of 45. Announce tomorrow the signing of a new ordinance that”will extend all the measures already provided up to 15 October”.

“The barracks in Casier – Treviso is a red area from the point of view of health, all the guests in that barracks should be subject to the rules laid down by law, and the law provides that if a positive comes out makes a criminal offence for which from that the barracks no one must leave. Five million venetians have done the lockdown, then I don’t see what problem there is for these gentlemen to do 15 days of isolation. Each week will be submitted to the test to monitor the evolution even from the epidemiological point of view”.

“As far as the Barracks Serena – continued Zaia – we do not know which was the primary vector of contagion. Certainly the gathering and the non-respect of the rules leads us in the direction of the infection. Also, a cultural mediator is infected while others are not, 131 infected with more than 1 operator of 292 total guests. Of course, is if we had not had that reality in that place, in this moment, we would not have had 131 infected”.

The community “must have peace”, which is from the migrants of Casier “you can not leave and can not get up to go to catch the virus”. “The veneti have spent months locked in the house – says Zaia, alluding to the protests of some migrants for the isolation – I don’t understand why these gentlemen are already raising the voice because they want to get out. Here you can see if there is a Status or not.”

For Zaia “it remains understood that structures such as the former barracks Serena and the other that has the Veneto must be abandoned. It is now certified that this system of hospitality is in bankruptcy, it is socially, culturally, medically, economically,in all the senses”.