Bridge of Genoa, today the inauguration

03 August 2020Sarà the president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, together with the workers, who have demolished the remains dl bridge Morandi and they have built the new bridge to St. George, with the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, architect Renzo Piano, opened this afternoon, and to walk across the new bridge to Genoa

The opening of the motorway viaduct, along 1.067 above the Polcevera, is a little less than two years from the collapse of the bridge was designed by Riccardo Morandi and built between 1963 and 1967 and claimed 43 dead. Out of respect for the wishes of the family of the victims will be a ceremony very simple.

At 11.36 to August 14, 2018, under a relentless rain, 250 meters of bridge Morandi – the motorway viaduct that joins the A7 with A10 – collapsing together of the stack of support, the number 9. Six weeks later, on September 28, 2018, shall be published in the decree-law no. 109 (“the Decree” in Genova, italy), which gives very large powers to the Commissioner for the reconstruction: to serve is chosen by the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci.

The Prosecutor’s office of Genoa, and immediately after the disaster had opened an investigation for manslaughter plural, disaster and presumed assassination of a negligent transport safety, as well as non-compliance with legislation anti-infortunistica, makes known the suspects: are 73 between individuals and society. Between their vertices of Aspi, Spea, officers of the Mit and of the provveditorato to the public works.

The bridge Genoa, San Giorgio will be used by 5 August.