All of the fear of George Floyd

04 August, 2020″do Not shoot me, please friend”. It is in these words the terror of George Floyd, when agents are approaching to his car and pointing the gun to the face. The video of the dramatic moments that led to the death of 46-year-old african-american man, taken directly from the bodycam of the police that led to his arrest, has been published in exclusive by the Daily Mail on its website.

The terror on the face of Floyd can be seen for the first time, framed by the cameras of the agents, Thomas Lane, and Alex Kueng, who were part of the team led by Derek Chauvin, the officer physically charged with the death of the man for having kept immobilized for 8 minutes with the knee on the neck.

The recording begins when the agent Lane knocks the torch to the window of the car of Floyd, accused of impersonating a ticket 20 dollars fake. When Floyd opens the door, the Lane the tip of the gun. The man begs him not to kill her. “Please don’t shoot me friend. I just lost my mother, my friend,” he says.

Floyd cries as the agent pulls it out of the car and the ammanetta. After a short scuffle to get Floyd on the police car, the images he is shooting lying on the sidewalk, with the knee of Chauvin on the neck to subdue him. Floyd complains several times of not being able to breathe, and calls “mom”, but his voice is more and more weak: “Probably I will die this way”, she whispers.