Stop Antitrust telephony without consent. Fines of up to 5 million

04 July 2020Nuovi powers to the Antitrust authority to block the telephony service activated without consent from the users. Provides for an amendment to the signature Brunette, reformulated and approved by the Budget Commission of the Chamber which provides for the Authority can “sort”, even as a precautionary measure” the removal “of initiatives or activities targeted to Italian consumers and spread through the networks of telematic or telecommunications services that integrate the details of an unfair commercial practice”.

The recipients of these orders have the obligation to inhibit the use of their networks or in relation to which they provide services, in order to avoid the protraction of activities detrimental to consumers and the post office in violation of the code of consumption”. Fines of up to 5 million “in the event of failure of the operators.

Attorney Milan investigates maxi cyber fraud from tens of millions of euros
The Budget Commission of the Chamber with this amendment to the Dl Raise, therefore, wanted to give more power to the Antitrust after that, the public Prosecutor of Milan has discovered a big fraud from tens of millions of euros on the phone. The investigations concern three former executives of Wind and with the checks, also on Vodafone and Tim. A “business” that, as we read in a report, he was born already “in 2009,” for which “just put anything on the landing page of a website, which is accessed through banner advertising, “and then the rest is done” with the user that is found to pay, without even a click, additional services without his knowledge.

On the other hand, writes the prosecutor, Francesco Cajani, who coordinates the investigation with the added Eugenio Fusco, that would be “enough, in all these troubled years, to review, on a monthly basis, what were the Csp”, the content service provider, “and ‘aggregator’ whose services were to a greater extent object requests deactivation”. That is, go see how many times users were forced to ask the stop the payment of services, such as weather, ringtones, horoscopes, who had never asked. And so you could “suppress” on the “born of the illicit practices” and to become “practice-rooted and state-unchallenged”.

The investigators, as shown by the records of the investigation of the Core protection of privacy and fraud technology in the Gdf, in the vein of surveys on the “utilities Tim”, born from “a complaint” of a “private citizen” who complained of “enabling services” in February 2019, you were given answers that have put in light the “flaws” and “vulnerabilities” of the system. “If this click does it materially the user or by means of artifices computer, we may not know nor excluded”, has put on record a senior executive of a company that operated from the ‘hub’, and that it “has not been able to provide proof computing”, “the will of the person’ to enable that service.

While it is likely that they will arrive in the dossier of complaints of users who up to yesterday’s press conference did not know they were scammed, one of the suspects, Gabriele Andreozzi, head of one of the companies at the centre of the maxi-fraud has revealed she’s “used 2 or 3 lists”, each with “hundreds of thousands of numbers Wind”. And speaking of the “relations” between Luigi SaccĂ , former director of the Wind and the son of former dg of the Rai, Agostino, and Evolution people ltd, “one of the three advertising companies – said the pm – sponsored by Wind starting from the end of 2017”. In the acts speaks well of the company that have grossed nearly 32 million euros for services “unduly activated users Wind and Vodafone”.