Corona Vaccination: How do I get a vaccination date? All questions at a glance

Corona Vaccination: How do I get a vaccination date? All questions at a glance
Senior patient getting vaccinated at home

Fight against the pandemicHow do I get a corona vaccination date? The vaccination start in Germany will hope for a foreseeable end of the Corona pandemic. The main questions at a glance.

How do vaccinators arrive at a vaccination date? Where can they be inoculated and can they choose the Corona vaccine themselves? Many people are uncertain whether they belong to the group that can currently be inoculated against the coronavirus.

The order of vaccination is defined in a federal Ministry of Health Regulation. priority is necessary, since so far insufficient vaccine is available to inoculate all people who want it. According to the vaccination group with “high priority” people are vaccinated with “high priority” and then people with “high priority”.

When this will be the case, it is unclear at the present time. The Federal Ministry of Health assumes that from July 2021 sufficient vaccine will be available for all population groups. Interactive map: So many people are already vaccinatedThe implementation of vaccination and the award of vaccination dates are organised at national level.

On the websites of your country, you can find out whether they are vacant, how the assignment of the vaccination dates is regulated and what contact persons can help with questions. Citizens can also address their questions about corona vaccination to the medical stand-by service under 116 117, as the German Federal Association of Cassation (KBV) reports on request. The website of the patient service also provides an overview of the regulations of the individual federal states.

Others set up hotlines, apps and websites for questions about corona vaccination and for registration for a vaccination date. If you have any questions about the vaccination, your doctor is also a contact person. Anyone who wants to be inoculated needs a vaccination date.

Long queues in front of the vaccination centres are to be avoided. Persons entitled to claim who are part of an institution in which vaccination by a mobile team is offered do not need an individual appointment. In the individual Länder, vaccination centres are established.

To date, there are over 400 vaccination centres throughout Germany. In principle, you do not have the right to choose a specific place of vaccination. Corona vaccination: The federal states have built vaccination centres.

Mobile vaccination teams are on the move for people with mobility restrictions in care facilities or at home. The mobile vaccination teams are composed of helpers from aid organisations such as ASB and DRK, a doctor and the persons carrying out vaccination. “We create about 100 to 140 vaccinations in nursing facilities on the day,” says Dr. Ulf Zitterbart, Chairman of the Hausärzteverband Thüringen e.V., who supports mobile vaccination teams.

How are the experiences of the specialist in general medicine on the compatibility of the vaccine with residents in nursing homes? Since December 2020, he has been supporting mobile vaccination teams in nursing homes. The vaccination centres have been built to inoculate as many people as possible in a short time.

For example, the vaccine of Biontech/Pfizer must be stored at minus 70 degrees, the vaccine of Moderna at minus 20 degrees. Inoculations in the doctor’s surgeries are not feasible until sufficient vaccines are available with appropriate handling. Dr. Zitterbart agrees with this: “The special storage conditions as well as the currently limited number of vaccine doses do not allow to carry out the corona vaccinations in medical practices.”

As Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn informed in early January, citizens cannot choose the vaccine themselves. It is not possible to make a selection of vaccinations because of the currently still prevailing shortage “at the moment and also foreseeable”. Berlin is planning a special route in this respect: Berliners should be able to choose the vaccine themselves.

Freedom of choice is simply derived from the vaccination management in the city, said health senator Dilek Kalayci on Monday at the House of Representatives’ Health Committee. “What does it say, if you know, there are vaccines XY in this vaccination center, that you can judge yourself then?” “I won’t make a secret from what vaccine center exactly what vaccine is being vaccinated.”

From this, it goes without saying that people who want to be vaccinated also opt for a specific vaccine with the vaccine center. You should bring your ID card to the vaccination centre at the time. After vaccination, you will remain under medical surveillance for about 15 minutes.

The vaccine is also not allowed for young people under the age of 16,” explains trembling bar. The doctor also sees from vaccination when the vaccinator has fever. ► Vacancies in Baden-Württemberg► Vacancies in Bavaria► Vacancies in Berlin► Impftermine in Brandenburg► Vacancies in Bremen► Impftermine in Hamburg► Vacancies in Hesse► Vaccination dates Mecklenb.-Prepomm.

In the foreseeable future, the authorisation of further vaccines from other manufacturers is to be expected.