U.S. authorities loosens corona recommendations for vaccinated

U.S. authorities loosens corona recommendations for vaccinated
03.03.2021, USA, Bay Shore: Der Patientin Susan Maxwell Trumble lächelt und zeigt ihren Impfausweis, nachdem ihr im South Shore University Hospital eine Dosis mit dem Corona-Impstoff von US-Pharmaunternehmen Johnson & Johnson injiziert wurde. Foto: Mark Lennihan/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Authority loosens recommendationsWhat vaccinations in the USA are allowed to return09.03.2021, 09:03 o’clock AFPSusan Maxwell Trumble shows her vaccination card after her corona vaccination: Around 59 million Americans have already received their first dose. (Source: Mark Lennihan/dpa)In the United States, almost a quarter of the population received a first vaccination against coronavirus. The U.S. Health Authority CDC has relaxed the corona recommendations for vaccinations.

Fully vaccinated people could now receive guests at home without a protective mask and distance rules if they were also vaccinated, said CDC-Chefin Rochelle Walensky. Vaccinated persons could also not receive vaccinated guests from at most another household, as long as there is no high risk of serious disease. Vaccinations are no longer recommended to be quarantined and tested if they have contact with a corona-positive and even have no symptoms of disease.

The states adopt binding requirementsHowever, vaccinated people are still called to wear masks and to keep distance to others when they are in public. Fully vaccinated people could now resume some old habits at home. A person is considered completely vaccinated two weeks after receiving his second vaccination dose of the vaccine of Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna, or two weeks after receiving the vaccination of Johnson & Johnson, where only one dose is necessary.

More than 525,000 Corona deaths in the USAThe vaccination campaign is very fast in the USA. However, the USA is also the country with most Corona deaths worldwide. Many states still increasingly loosen the corona restrictions.

President Joe Biden will have a big speech on Thursday on the Corona pandemic. Thursday marks the first anniversary of the official classification of the Corona outbreak as a pandemic by the World Health Organization WHO. Two days later, then US President Donald Trump called out the national state of emergency, followed by some drastic restrictions in many states.