Behind the balladur trial, the karachi case

Behind the balladur trial, the karachi case

The trial of Edward Balladur and Leotard François before the court of justice of the republic (cjr), ended on Thursday, March 4, by the relax of the former Prime Minister and by the condemnation of the former Minister of Defense to two years of suspended prison and 100,000 euros of fine. And that part of this money obtained by political favor, via screen companies in tax havens, returned to france. But the evidence was not reported that these amounts had been used to fill the hole of several million of the presidential campaign of Edward Balladur in 1995.

The prosecutor’s office held that the money, paid at the last moment on the campaign account of the unfortunate candidate, could only be of fraudulent origin. But he was informed, on Tuesday, March 9, that the decision of the Cjr would not be the subject of a cassation appeal. From a legal point of view, there is nothing to get under the tooth to support a cassation.

He’s a leotard brother, and he’s filed a case. We don’t knowIt is therefore now admitted that the approximately 10 million francs that came very opportunely to refloat the accounts of m. balladur are not of illegal origin. Finally, we don’t know.

They can come from the sale of t-shirts and gadgets during the campaign, a hypothesis that made the whole franc laugh, but we return to the same point: we don’t know. No evidence of these sales, and the Constitutional Council decided to validate these bank accounts. Even let perpetuate a system of wrongful indulgence, as these punishments of the Catholic Church granted for a sin already forgiven.

This is what the former Parisian member, under oath, implied, stating that he had requested used tickets to certify its origin. Anyway, we don’t know either. Immediately after him, the chief of the cabinet of Edward Balladur, mongin stone, pushed shouts of indignation to the idea that he could have put all these millions in cash to the treasurer to butcher the holes of this losing campaign.

We don’t know!