In a tuai vaccination center: “they have waited so long, that Astra or not astra, they go there”

In a tuai vaccination center: “they have waited so long, that Astra or not astra, they go there”

A vaccine to kiss his own. Intergenerational conflict followers are strongly invited to visit the Anchin room in the city centre of douai (north.) Pfizer or astrazeneca, whatever.

“to finally find a normal life,” repeat the candidates for immunity. Loved thirion for “the world”and, to listen to these over 55 years eligible for vaccination, normal life, it would be above all and above all to see his relatives again. “to be able to kiss my grandchildren,” a hazel michèle breath, a 56-year-old household helper who waits “in total stress” for his first dose of AstraZeneca.

A pause from the vaccine campaign that has increased mistrust of the bacterioc-Sweden vaccine, re-authorized since Friday after the European Medicines Agency found it “safe and effective”. Read also astrazeneca: High Health Authority now recommends that the vaccine be reserved for over 55 years”Vaccination complications, there have always been…” sigh mme desmenez. “My daughters are bridal students, to go to see them, I have to run tests all the time, provide proofs.

»at the Grand Douai vaccination centre on 20 March 2021, people who have injected a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are waiting fifteen minutes before leaving. Loved thirion for “the world”sitting on folding chairs waiting for their turn, Andrea carmela and sabino, respectively 71 and 73 years old, took an appointment the day before. Given their age – under 75 years old – they were offered a first injection of AstraZeneca.

“so bad, it’s better than nothing,” sabino lets go, reassured after having seen on the jean castex TV get vaccinated. “if even the Prime Minister does so…”, he begins, before being interrupted by his neighbour: “Dais… It’s like butter and margarine, no evidence that it was from AstraZeneca. The suite is reserved for subscribers.