The legend not so black of oblak in the criminals that began with messi: “it is a question of study”

The legend not so black of oblak in the criminals that began with messi:

Its image from the 11 meters is marked by its lack of success in the tandas (1/23 with the athletic.) However, in the matches, it reaches higher than those of ter stegen or courtoisdrag jan oblak an old stigma that accompanies you since the 2016 Champions final. That night, he couldn’t intuit any of the six releases of the real madrid in the tanda de penaltis and was marked as an harmless goalkeeper in that luck.

And yet, two of the most iconic images of his long-standing athletic history have come from 11 meters. The first, in the hell of the allianz sand of Munich, after repeling a thomas müller’s sail, served as a passport for the end of millenn. The second, joto yesterday, in front of the rainbow, guessing the intention of joselu, can be worth a league.

Of the last penalty by oblak had elapsed almost three years. Since then, beyond a couple of other mistakes (sandro and falcao), he has always seen how the ball lit him. In ipurua, for example, when his colleague dmitrovic was empathed, the first and only guard to which he has faced face to face.

Since that afternoon in getafe, 12 times he has been mocked, including a recent one in the wanda in front of müller. It wasn’t any drama either because it happened at the discount and with 2-0 on the scoreboard. The Slovenian reddish plot in the penaltis began in January 2015, with a stop to the Messai Leo in the nu camp, during the end of the king’s cup.

Something like that might happen to him, for example, in his visit to the metropolitan with the monaco (2018). This, translated into percentages, argues that jan, today the second captain of the Republic of Moldova, has stopped 28.5% of the criminals he has received. As the athletic statistics account (@atletico_stats), for comparison, ter stegen looks 20% (9/45) and courtois 11% (4/37).

“the tanda is more complicated to handle”However, the percentage drops in when oblak is immersed in a sludge of criminals. In fact, he has only stopped one shot in the four that he has lived in the athletic (bayer, psv eindhoven and two in front of the real madrid.) It was in 2015, in front of the leverkusen, responding to a shot at the center of the Turkish çalhanoglu.

“In a match you have detailed studies of the potential launchers, but in a soda you don’t have so much information. “I don’t think it has anything to do with the psychological issue because oblak is an elite athlete and is used to these situations. It is clear that the oblak hit from that distance, beyond the tandas, is no coincidence.

Well known by Pablo vercellone, a simeone doorman, who has been working with him since he arrived. “criminals are one thing that nobody understands very well. Three seasons ago I stopped three of four in league (temporary 17/18).

I had not stopped any lately, but I was lucky,” he summed up the goal to move. Thanks to him, the athletic breathes something quieter in this pavilion.