Pd, clingers in pole to make the group leader. and read ends in the sight

Pd, clingers in pole to make the group leader. and read ends in the sight

After the appointment to the senate of simona malpezzi (ex renziana as andrea marcucci,) tomorrow there will be that (except surprises) of debora serracchiani to the room. Fruit of an understanding between the areas of grace delrio, dario franceschini, lorenzo guerini and luca lotti. I would like to thank the rapporteur for his work.

But also a new confrontation between currents, with the left of the party feeling penalized. He lost the secretary and he will not have either of the two group leaders, a very thin loot. Here the bad mood in the group, “because who is in the national secretariat does not unbalance for an apical candidate, if the leader does not want”.

«Marianna is a tough one, which the votes are taken, both in 2013 at the “primariette” of the pd, and in 2018 in the college…» notes some executives near the secretary. Mr President, I should like to say that I am not in favour of this report. And ensuring that the Pd-5Stars pact to give the work commission, which you preside, to another exponent dem, reggas to the right-wing strikes.

The number one result, two women at the summit, is however achieved, not to guarantee a summit place on the left side. «I am there», he replies madia a susanna cenni, that he had asked her and the crimp «to zero current and male games». 2023 primary and politicalbut in all this, read is struggling with the great application in the cities where it is voted.

The practice is entrusted to francesco bowl, which took in hand the various dossiers. The secretary dem hopes to convince calend to make the primaries with gualtieri: also losing, it would gain numbers and power to enter the centre-left field in view of policies. A maneuver to remove the project to build a large center.

“It needs a pd united in a wide field that trains with m5s – it says bowl – not a pd divided by the currents”.