Vaccinations in pharmacy, in napoli there is some confusion

Vaccinations in pharmacy, in napoli there is some confusion

napoli, 30 Mar. (askanews) – “you no longer know what they want to do and what they don’t want to do. It seems to me that there is the poor vaccine and the rich vaccine.”

Some common place and so much confusion about the vaccines. The question remains smoking while starting in practice vaccination in pharmacy. “yes, absolutely right.

We give the possibility with people of competence to do these vaccines. But what idea do the pharmacists have of what will be their new task? “On April 6, we’ll get more details to figure out how to handle this.

The initiative promises greater speed, zero queues, appointments for all members of the age range to be vaccinated and more simplicity. But the pharmacists must know the liar of these vaccines? Yes definitely)”Yes surely, even if I think it will help us on the 118.

Because we don’t know all these things, we go a little dark, at least now. Depending on the band, maybe they’ll tell us how we’re going to behave not only at the moment.” “The patients are very happy to do so in the pharmacy, some have fears.

But the fact that it will be done also in pharmacy calms them down I believe”.