He wrote, “I don’t trust the vaccine.” Now he’s admitted for covid. the history of the teacher of firenze nursing

He wrote,
Personale medico al lavoro presso l'Azienda Ospedaliera Careggi di Firenze, 10 aprile 2020. ANSA/GIANMARIO PUGLIESE

When he took the start of the anti covid vaccination campaign last December, Filippo festini, an associate professor of nursing at the University of Firenze, had sided against the pfizer vaccine, claiming that it was not safe, unleashing controversy among the colleagues of the University. But at a distance of 4 months, Professor Sestini, 56 years old, is now admitted in serious condition in the department of reanimation to the shortages of firenze for having contracted the coronavirus, as reported by the daily the nation. «I will not vaccinate myself for two reasons» wrote professor festini in December.

Since then, I have no longer vaccinated against influenza viruses (and, incidentally, I have never taken the influence). On another occasion, the professor of nursing at the University of Florence questioned the effectiveness of the product: “the vaccine you are about to administer according to the manufacturer reduces the risk of contracting covid of 0.87%, i.e. Less than 1% – wrote festini – so we have to ask ourselves if the enormous costs of buying and administering this drug are justifiable in the face of a reduction of the risk of infection so small”.