The count age and the strategy of m5s: fight against currents and union hunting in movement

The count age and the strategy of m5s: fight against currents and union hunting in movement

3′ readingis the chronicle of the first steps towards the refoundation of m5s, from the words of those in the new political subject will have a leading role. The refoundation will not “will be only a restyling operation”The intervention is expected. The tone is relaxing, the words, calibrated, almost diplomatic.

“In these weeks – he explains to the audience – I began to elaborate proposals on which it will be fundamental to confront in the coming days. Indeed I advance that after the Easter break I will start a series of meetings to collect your suggestions”. The communication strategy is oriented to dialogue, to comparison, to the exchange of ideas and opinions to develop a new political project., a “neo-Movement”.

Then the “stoccata” against internal currents and various ropesat a certain point, however, the intervention of count increases in rhythm, the “stoccata” comes on time. Count announces a new statute with rules against currents. “We will have very strict rules – warns – that will contrast even more resolutely than the past the formation of internal currents, of various ropes.

The choice of digital democracy allows us a direct comparison, without the mediation of internal currents that inevitably end up crystallizing spheres of influences and positions of power”. «Care friends and dear friends – is the message -, we do not even need various associations. Our political and cultural commitment we live it entirely in the new movement, where we will have so many opportunities for confrontation”.

hunting for union in movementDialogue is the key word, the approach that allows to guarantee a cohesive movement, not dilated by intestine struggles. «A refoundative passage – clarifies the former premier – arouses many expectations, hopes, even restless. We will do so, all together, not to disperse the efforts, the slender, even the enthusiasms that the journey here has aroused”.

Words that indirectly carry out a “hot” dossier, that of the limit of the two mandates. — (DE) Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to congratulate the rapporteur on his report. And in the agenda that will lead to the refoundation of the movement.