Motogp, ezpeleta: “I don’t think it will be the last season of valentino Rossi”

Motogp, ezpeleta: “I don’t think it will be the last season of valentino Rossi”

motogp restarted his race from the qatar last Sunday, with an armored paddock, vaccination for all and the hope that the worst has passed. On the bridge of command there is carmelo ezpeleta, which celebrated the 30 years in the motomondiale of dorna, the company that manages. 2021 started with vaccination for pilots and professionals, is he happy with the results?

“I don’t know how many of us have joined, they have told me almost all. I’m sure it’s something good, I did it myself, but I don’t think vaccination will allow us to change our protocols, they are the authorities that decide. This was an internal initiative for which I thank the qatar very much, the paddock will be protected throughout the season”.

“For the moment all the great prizes are confirmed, at least those in Europe. Our goal is to have a minimum of 18 races and with Europeans we will arrive at 14. If it is not possible, Argentine and texas are available and Indonesia is in the calendar as a reserve”.

“That working together helps a lot, everyone understood to be in a special situation by focusing different conditions, of this I am proud. The most important lack is that of spectators for me, but we must accept the decisions of the countries that host us”. “Chiaramente marc misses the motogp, we talk about the driver who has dominated the last seasons”.

Was it a mistake to allow him to come up in motion a few days from the operation last July to jerez? When a pilot does those push-ups, how did marc, according to what rule do you tell him he can’t run? I don’t know whether mistakes have been made or not because I’m not a doctor, but for what concerns me there have been no medical mistakes made within the championship.

I respect all the decisions of a pilot, including that of not coming to run in qatar after having done tests in barcelona and Portimao». “No, it seemed correct that other doctors had entered this discussion by saying what they would do differently. “Of course, I’m sure he’ll come back when he can win, the mentality of marc has not changed.”

“One day he must retire, but he is extraordinary: is 42 years old and what is the difference between 42 and 45? The last time I talked to him, he told me: I will continue, but I do not enjoy participating. One day it will stop, but I do not expect this to be the last season.

I also know that valentine will stay here, because this is his life and he is doing an extraordinary job with the Academy, as he did as a pilot”.