Interview with moritz Fürste: “we need Corona strategies for broad and profisport”

Interview with moritz Fürste:
Moritz FUERSTE, Fürste (GER), Aktion, Deutschland (GER) - Irland (IRL) 3:2, Vorrunde Hockey - Men s Pool B, Match 15 Hockey der Maenner, 09.08.2016 Olympische Sommerspiele 2016, vom 05.08. - 21.08.2016 in Rio de Janeiro/ Brasilien. Moritz Fuerste Fürste ger Action shot Germany ger Ireland IRL 3 2 Fight Hockey Men s Pool B Match 15 Hockey the Men 09 08 2016 Olympic Summer Games 2016 of 05 08 21 08 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Interviewolympia winner forste“It will give a solution for Olympic games”moritz forste at the Olympic summer games 2016 in rio (archiwbild:) he was able to win the bronze medal with his manship. (Source: sven Simon/imago images)no fans play with the olympics: this news of the Olympic Committee has disappointed many athletes in the last week. T-online has spoken with the triple medal winner moritz forste about the current situation in profi and wide sports.

The former hockey professional moritz has won twice gold and once bronze at the Olympics. Currently he fights against corona and builds test centers. His motivation: sporting events should be possible again and he is convinced that it works this year.

Example: the year 2021 could only be a successful one, because the 21 is traditionally his back number on the hockey jersey – since his seventh year of life. “This can only be a good sign,” he says and laughs. T-online: herr forste, in 2008 they first brought gold at the Olympics in peking, which was celebrated with a rushing party in the German house.

What do they think when they think about it? Moritz forste: yes. If I just try to put me into this situation, it feels like it never happened – almost like a fiction.

Not only the fact that there was a party with densely crowded people, but also the games on itself and all that comes with it. Is it even conceivable that this year such a big sport event takes place? Everything else would be an end-time scenario, despite everything that just happens, we don’t expect the world to go down.

I think we will experience Olympic games this year. When the games take place, of course, the question arises as to how satisfying those are for participants and also fans. Which feelings are going through their head when they think of Olympic games without a glimpse?

The alternative is that they don’t run their sport in the frame of the games and then I personally prefer to choose games before emptying. And the feeling of emptying is compensated by more viewers in front of the television? But I’m not a friend of mine to put the negative in the foreground.

If it allows the pandemic, I don’t know why you should take this opportunity for the athletes. We are discussing about viewers in profisport, while in the private frame there is still no sport in the uniting. It is, of course, easy to sit down and say: why do we talk about openings of football stadiums and not in amateur sports?

That’s also my opinion, but that’s too easy. For many it is a habit to go to the football stadium at the weekend. We need strategies for both, broad sports and profisports, and there are strategies for both.

I would also like to see that games take place again before public. Away from the children: generally sport is very important. I think we will have a huge problem in the company over the next few months.

It’s actually already here and it’s getting bigger and bigger, the longer the lockdown situation remains, and that’s not all. For example, I see with my daughters that they have been pampering in the group. Before they went to kindergarten, to school, to hockey or tennis training.

To teach this again is a huge task – not only for the parents, but for the whole society.