“No, students, we don’t leave for a long time… we’ll see each other again soon.”

The world of education reproduces here the testimony that we have received muriel conroy, professor of French in college, following the closure of his institution for the third confinement. As far as I am concerned, I went to search for all my pedagogical fate last year at the bottom of my computer. All this seemed to me very indigent… but, anyway, I can say I’m almost ready.

yes, I was able to change the hard drive of my old computer thanks to the generous 176 euros bonus offered in February by the ministry. Yes, I have reviewed the rhythm of distance courses and the use of the time of the class I am a principal teacher. “the one who asks the question does not work in class, but he appeals as a plea.

Very difficult start of yearWe will call him arthur, since I don’t have it this year. A very difficult beginning of the year, no work, provocations, insults. The goal of the hour: to put the class to sack.

And arthur is strong enough on the subject, he often succeeds there, before he finds himself first in the hallway, then to school life. A difficult personal situation, which moderates our ardour to conduct a discipline council. There, in small numbers, we work the fundamentals, in French, math, science and history.

But above all we find the calm, the pleasure of success, to be congratulated by an always attentive teacher. There, you can think of the time – time to arrive at time, to sit and work, to have his business, to listen…you have 45.02% of this article to read.