Abrignani sergio: “The vaccine is water in the desert, for the elderly there is no choice”

Abrignani sergio: “The vaccine is water in the desert, for the elderly there is no choice”

Doubt whether or not to make astrazeneca vaccine makes no sense. “If you are in the desert you also drink dirty water”, is the hard metaphor chosen by abrignan sergio, immunologist of the state of Milan and member of the technical-scientific committee. And covid, for the elderly with more than 70 years, is like the desert: “They represent 97% of the dead, we must protect them as soon as possible, with any available vaccine.”

And now astrazeneca could become the vaccine of the elders, while he had started as a young vaccine. “Yes, but the decisions are made on the basis of the information at a precise time. When the authorisation for astrazeneca arrived, first in the great bribe and then in the European Union, the data showed it a certain effectiveness up to 65 years.

Then, with further data, it went even beyond the 65. at some point these cases of thrombosis appeared, only in young subjects, and the scenario has changed. So astrazeneca should only be given to those who are over 60 years old, as decided in germany? The truth is that they are unpredictable things, that you can only find with the mass campaign, administering the vaccine to tens of millions, not in the stages of experimentation”.

Is a sufficient explanation to reassure those who have to vaccinate with astrazeneca? “A comprehensible reaction, it certainly serves a clear communication to help assess the risks and benefits of vaccination. We must not focus attention on the rare cases of thrombosis instead of explaining well, especially to the elderly, that the alternative to the vaccine can be death.

So you can’t choose, maybe asking for the second dose with another vaccine? As to the possibility of a second dose with a different vaccine, in germany they have already decided: who made astrazeneca will have the call with pfizer or modern. “No, because fortunately the English variant, which is the most widespread and lethal is recognized perfectly by vaccines.

We are talking so much about putting the elderly, the vulnerable, but so far we have not done it at best, have we not? “It is true and we have been wrong, with different choices from region to region, vaccinating not by priority categories but by category of membership. By the way, the return of the yellow zone by the end of the month is possible?

“Everything is possible, as soon as we see a decided decline of the infected and the dead. There are positive signs of slowing down the epidemic, but the decision will be political. As for the return to school also in red zone, choice I share, because it is a calculated risk: he had only one token and was well played”.