Günther jauch expresses itself to confusion to vaccination

Günther jauch expresses itself to confusion to vaccination
COLOGNE, GERMANY - DECEMBER 02: Günther Jauch is seen on stage during the tv show '2018! Menschen, Bilder, Emotionen' on December 3, 2017 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Michael Gottschalk/Getty Images)

Corona despite vaccination? Jauch expresses itself to confusion to inoculate10.04.2021, 23:03 uhr | rix, t-onlinea photo of günther jauch with a patch on the upper arm threw up the past days asking. Has the moderator been infected with the coronavirus despite vaccination?

Also günther jauch has now been infected with the coronavirus. That rtl had announced on Friday morning to inform the viewers that because of his illness on Saturday, the moderator will not participate in the show “because they don’t know what happens”. To be seen was günther jauch but still.

In the talk with barbara Schöneberger and thomas gottschalk he gave the viewers a short update. Quarantine to next Fridayhe was going well, he said and explained how he was aware of his illness. “I noticed at once: I have a headache, I have a headache, I’m not feeling so well.”

First a PCR test confirmed that the moderator actually infected with the coronavirus. Then on Saturday for the new episode of “for they don’t know what happens” would be fit again. “I’m only vaccinated when I’m on it”günther jauch also spoke about a vaccination campaign that had caused confusion in the past days.

Together with stars such as uschi glass or sepp maier, the moderator has already been titled as impfluencer. “I’m only vaccinated when I’m on it”a poster was also published, on which the moderator was shown with a patch on the upper arm. But also günther jauch said once again in the RTL show.

I’m not vaccinated until I get to it. I don’t know when it is,” says the moderator. But with the campaign he wanted to say that he would definitely be intimidated.

“no matter what implicit,” said Jauch. “the risk of getting sick is much more important for my understanding than the risk that there are any side effects in the inoculation. I’ll let that happen until everything’s done with me, but I’ll be vaccinating and just want to promote that as many as possible.”