Harald glööckler: “I don’t want to look like that”

Harald glööckler:
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Interviewharald glööckler”I look better than most in my age”his face is no longer what it was, but it makes the fashion designer happy. Already with six years, harald glööckler knew that he wanted to look different as he betrays t-online. Harald glööckler likes it pompous.

Therefore he calls himself “prince of pompöös,” a ö is not enough for the 55-year-old. In his garden stands a pool, his face is special. Nothing about the Baden-Württemberger is common and so it should be.

In interview with t-online gives glööckler a look into his inner. How many sub-injections he has already made, he doesn’t know. But the desire to adapt his inner to the outer one, which already originated in the child.

Today the celebrity designer feels better, but there is still need for optimisation. T-online: herr glööckler, did they have in mind how many invaded they have already made? Harald glööckler: much less than they think, at least operatiw, so with pure cutting.

Everything else has been underinjected or made with laser. But all the sub-injections and other interventions that I can no longer count. I’ve been behind me for a few years now.

I have other things to do than count how often I let myself be squirted. Have they ever felt that they no longer recognize themselves? I think that’s what others do.

That can happen to you after a day of eating or if you are sick. Then you look at yourself and don’t recognize each other. We all have a distorted perception, because we see ourselves from inside and the others see us from outside.

You don’t want to see anything. Of course there were moments when I thought: I don’t want to look like that. But I don’t have that anymore.

I am very pleased with how I look and only about it. I don’t have to like others, but myself, if everyone would take care of themselves, then we’d all have enough to do. What do they say that more and more young people are allowed to operate?

I don’t know why so much is excited about it today and why it needs to be discussed. You can drink alcohol with 18 years, so nobody says anything about it. People can do what they want when they are full-year, but do what they want.

I’d like to have been operating with six years, but I couldn’t. So I started putting the eyebrows up by shaking and tattooing on top of the grid at 18 years. You look very different.

I have always tried to change a lot about the hairstyle. I only got the first shot at the beginning 30.have they really felt uncomfortable with six years? But I wanted to look different.

I wanted to look as a child like tutanchamun (laughs). I saw the mask of him and thought: that’s what I want to look like. Harald glööckler 20 years ago: so different the designer looked at 35.

(Source: imago / eventpress)would they sometimes like to dress the people who meet them? I don’t know what they’re wearing, even if they’re wearing the bh above the pullover. I am here to offer beauty and not to tell people what they have to wear.

I don’t understand if someone’s upset about it that I have so big lips. Then I think maybe he would like to lips like that. You may not accept yourself as you are and then have to migrate to others.

I realized at some point that I’m like a picasso in the gallery. That costs 20 million and doesn’t bother if someone finds it beautiful or not. Next year, you will find something spectacular: they will go to the jungle camp.

I look physically better than most in my age anyway. I don’t compare myself with people in my old age, but if there’s some blonde young poison sitting next to me in the jungle camp, I want to look good. After the Corona crisis, I have to make a general overhaul and a pass-up, that’s clear.

But before I go into the jungle, I will certainly take one or the other. I want to be so prepared that in the two weeks everything looks good and nothing slips. Some are in the kitchen for five hours and you can’t eat it.

I cook not only for me, but also for my partner. I think only because I made a decision for myself, all the others don’t have to carry it. “grill den henssler:” profikoch steffen henssler is revamped in the show by harald glööckler.

I have already cooked many prominent people like bonnie tyler, nastassja kinski or brigitte nielsen – they have all survived (laughs). But the presentation with a smeared kittel to stand in a heated kitchen was less fascinating to me than to become a moderate. They have lost a lot of weight, how did they do that?

I also moved a lot and made a lot of sport. I’d like to take a few more kilos, but it’s got to fit. At the moment I am satisfied if I keep the weight, although I would like to be slimmer.

My weight has been hanging in for a few years. It is very difficult for me to take off even more. My body is not ready at the moment and so I can’t force it either.

From the 11th april starts at 20.15 o’clock the new staffel from “grill den henssler” on vox. Beside harald glööckler also cook the promis tom beck and sophia thomalla.