Chaos vaccines, Italy and the EU rely on pfizer: this is at what price and with what risks

Chaos vaccines, Italy and the EU rely on pfizer: this is at what price and with what risks
epa09131015 The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Janssen pharmaceutical company in Leiden are being stored at the Movianto distribution centre in Oss, The Netherlands, 12 April 2021. It is the fourth counter coronavirus vaccine to become available in the Netherlands. EPA/ROB ENGELAAR

Doubts and polemics about astrazeneca and johnson & johnson led to a third contract of the European commission with the pharmaceutical company pfizer. The latest news about 50 million additional doses purchased for this semester, 7 million of which are destined for italy. According to what is learned in these hours, if the pharmacovigilance should be prepared to link adverse reactions to drugs, oxford vaccine and johnson & johnson vaccine could be withdrawn from the market.

Coststhe picture on the costs of vaccines for the European Union had been given “erroneously” (or so it seems) from the undersecretary to the Belgian budget, eva de bleeker, which had accidentally posted a table of prices on twitter – except to cancel the post shortly after. The cheapest of all was to be that of astrazeneca, less than two euros per dose. The reason was found in these hours: According to the guardian, the trial of the vaccine was funded at 97% by public funds.

That pushed the pharmaceutical company to decide to keep the prices low for the duration of the health emergency. The highest prices are, as is known, those of the vaccines at rna: modern (18 dollars per dose,) curavac (10 euros) and pfizer (12 euros.) After vaccinating all the bands at risk, in order to cover all the under 60 you will have to buy many more doses than expected of the most expensive vaccines.

The role of pharmacovigilancethat the EU would cost more to rely on pfizer is undoubted. “I wonder how much this choice corresponds to clinical motivations and how much it is the fruit of a furious battle of commercial and geopolitical domination.” And why don’t they turn data on issues recorded with Pfizer?

Since March 30, the oa have become owners of some patents (such as pfizer, modern, curavac, Johnson&Johnson) deriving from modern funding for experimentation. The compensations, moreover, would be in charge of the state. In addition, it reads that in case of delays in pfizer deliveries it will not be subject to any kind of penalty.

“Contracts with Europe are secreted, so we have no full consciousness of what they contain,” he said. “But we know that big pharma in general had asked similar clauses to the European Union and that a table on the issue had been opened. What guarantees we have given him is not given to know.

But given the escape of news from the brazil, it would be the case that the institutions asked news”.