Vaccines, astrazeneca and Johnson&Johnson risk the definitive withdrawal from the market

Vaccines, astrazeneca and Johnson&Johnson risk the definitive withdrawal from the market

While vaccines at rna messenger, such as pfizer, take off with the arrival of seven million extra doses from here to June, they risk remaining on the ground those with viral vectors such as astrazeneca and Johnson&Johnson. Or if one finds out that the reduction of platelets in the blood, in as many rare cases resulting from vaccination, causes hemorrhagic events. * subscribe to the special Coronavirus newsletterthe reactions of the governmentat the Palazzo Chigi celebrate the arrival of new doses of pfizer.

A way to mask the shock in front of the again braking, after the suspension of the J&J serum decreed by the American authorities. In fact, the relationship has become inversely proportional: the more diminish the certainties and supplies of viral vector vaccines, such as astrazeneca and J&J (causes of rare trombotic events) the more increase those of mass media antidotes, that is pfizer and modern. A trend that confirms what was anticipated yesterday by «La Stampa», the will of Europe to point everything on the second type of vaccines and not to confirm contracts for 2022 with astrazeneca and janssen, the manufacturer of J&J.

The substance is that this quarter will arrive 50 million more pfizer doses at European level. For Italy means, in April, more than 670.000 doses in addition, 2 million and 150,000 in May and more than 4 million in June. Vaccines, ursula von der leyen: “a new contract with pfizer shortly”the moves of bruxellesbut the good new ones end here.

Also because those 7 million pfizer doses, considering the recall, are divided by two, that is only 3.5 million immunized. Vaccines in Europe and deaths, all cases besides astrazenecaside effectsbut the Ema is trying to see us clearly on other. In the meantime, Italy and Europe are focusing on the other family of vaccines, at the moment monopoly oa.

Knowing that a negative response would equive to pull the hand brake to vaccinations and reopenings.