Between April and June the triple of vaccines, hope: “Now you can look at the future with confidence”

Between April and June the triple of vaccines, hope: “Now you can look at the future with confidence”

Between the sludge administration of the astrazeneca vaccine, the temporary suspension of johnson & johnson and the arrival of 7 million pzifer, the vaccination campaign goes on. At the moment are 14 million Italians vaccinated, of which 4 million and 100 thousand already submitted to first and second dose. As for Johnson & Johnson, the hope is that soon there can be elements of clarity that allow us to start using a vaccine that will be important for our vaccination campaign, being monodose”.

In the meantime hope, in its statement, is said optimistic: “There are conditions to look confidently at the phase that is opening. Finally there are conditions to collect the first concrete results of the work we have been doing for months thanks to vaccinations. Between April and June we will receive more than triple doses of vaccine”.

In detail the minister: “In the second quarter, 50 million vaccines will arrive, and pfizer will anticipate a few million doses that for Italy mean about 7 million. The commissioner’s son is working at 45 million doses of vaccines coming by June. In this quarter we will deliver more than four times more than we did in the first quarter: 250 million doses, after giving 62 until March.

Of course, there is always the possibility that something goes wrong, as you see from the problems that are having other companies. Bourla also points out that “the pfizer vaccine is safe for us on variants. As regards the intensification of production, in our plant of puurs, in Belgium, by May we plan to reach the rate of approximately 100 million doses per month.

The doses of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine must be preserved and administered exclusively as a second dose to those in the past weeks received the first dose. The directive confirms “the continuation of the activities of administration of pfizer and modern vaccines to health personnel and to the staff to which the first dose has already been inoculated”.