Ciciliano (cts): «Reopening? the result of a political acceleration: The pressure is embarrassing. the data do not help us». today the summit

Ciciliano (cts): «Reopening? the result of a political acceleration: The pressure is embarrassing. the data do not help us». today the summit

“I remember the sense of impotence we had before the 900 dead. Catastrophe medicine expert, policeman and representative of the civil protection department, cycilian fabio is one of the first members of the scientific technical committee for emergency covid in Italy. Expert in disaster medicine, for a year secretary of the committee, remained among the members of the new cts wanted by dragons, now representing the department of civil protection.

The starting point of course will be the data that the Higher Institute of Health will provide us”. Well, why this decision to make? That in the face of which we find ourselves is an obvious political acceleration.

And I don’t hide that this every time makes me a certain embarrassment. I never put myself in the position of having to decide between the two wings, rigorist or aperturist. The most dangerous fact is that you are registering a risk addiction.

This because the idea of having to survive with the little that has remained for a long time scares the population too. In the first lockdown were used all the savings, now the savings are no longer there but the possibility to work for many has not returned”. Shared considerations, but certainly not strictly technical.

What kind of decision is today’s, scientific or political? “The border at this point is thin but it must be maintained firm. As technicians we are called to express ourselves on the basis of the epidemiological situation and on nothing else.

I remember that the final decision is for the government”. But the analysis of cts is among the most anticipated. We start gradually reopening of many activities and social spaces.

“Last year we began to reopen on 3 May with forestry and construction after a period of total closure and then at the end of the month reopening economic activities. We did it with completely broken epidemiological numbers and data. The political choice in the second wave was instead to keep the containment measures broader with a consequent greater spread of the virus.

In all this the arrival of variants has not helped, is the impact is still strong, with a much more powerful fact virus in the ability to spread. The only way to stop circulation is to avoid contact between people as much as possible”. “A sensible objection but as mentioned before: decisions are political”.

There is an ethical foundation that this measure would undermine becoming a possible tool for discrimination. A solution of this kind I could imagine at the end of the vaccination campaign, when everyone in the same way had access to immunization from the virus. On the front of the tampons is more the infaction that worries me.

The attempt to escape from a rule not likely above all among young people. Control over the veracity of the certificates presented at the entrance would be difficult, as well as the effectiveness of the tests at the moment. For this for now all outdoors, the temperatures are about to rise and this is good for the circulation of the virus.

In any case the reopenings will not be immediate, you will proceed by step. From there to be heard there will be other way to go. We saw it last summer with the discotheques on whose reopening we were against from the beginning”.

But the proposal that comes to us from the Sports Office cannot be unrated. For example in the protocols of international tennis in Italy, which at times seemed to us a decision at risk too high. Then it is up to the political decision maker to understand what to do.

18,000 people who gather to get to the stadium are a risk. That’s why I don’t think the stadiums will reopen, or that sports in general can reopen. The Olympic Stadium opens exclusively for the four European games and then we will see.

About risk: different regions seem to have given data from yellow zone. “A region in the yellow area is a region where the virus still circulates a lot and this is not clear many. They rise punctually a little later to return to those from orange zone”.

«I would say the yellow zone as it had been thought so far. At this moment the idea of the low-risk zone has weakened in a proportional way to the outbreak of variants. The virus is now more capable of transmitting, from this point of view the yellow has no longer been a color corresponding to the low risk”.

There are still doubts about the validity of the rt index and the introduction of a new criterion, the rhythm of vaccinations. We propose that it be calculated on the hospitals, on the certificate of persons occupying the departments. A more refined type of calculation than the most general type of population, taken in analysis by the current rt.

The representative of the cts hippolito, together with the council for the reorganization of the indicators, is working on this proposal. If according to the number of doses used, remembering that net of johnson & johnson, for all other vaccines approved there is double injection, or, as it would be preferable, by number of people immunized». About immunization: Johnson and Johnson are suspended, distrust grows.

“The data speak, it is 9 cases of thrombosis of 10 million. For anti-morbide there is an incidence of 1 out of 1000 encephalitis cases. What else can we say if we don’t talk the numbers?

In early January, when talking about pfizer and modern, he was told of vaccination in rna, new and experimental. They all waited for astrazeneca because with a more known and therefore more reassuring experimentation process. To the point that we of the cts decided to vaccinate ourselves in front of the cameras to make understand how much could be trusted also of pfizer and modern.

The same thing happened with astrazeneca, now with Johnson and Johnson. Are evaluations that, if leaked, at the moment take a very high weight. “What I can say is that all vaccines currently put on the market are excellent anti-Covid drugs.

Of course one of the most urgent cauteles to have right now is that in the communication of choices. For the younger categories and for their level of risk all other anti covid vaccines at the authorized time are excellent, and fundamental for achieving the final goal. And then, are we so convinced that pfizer and modern are able to support world vaccination?

Months ago he was convinced that the country would not have reached the immunity of flocks by the year. The two very difficult knots to dissolve now are those of the arrival of the vaccines and the levelling of the regions. I think that the Commission is not going to have to do so.

And then there is one of the fronts of which we speak little and that to today remains one of the most dangerous. When the most fragile and the elderly will be protected, when the numbers of deaths will be lower, when the youngest will be called to vaccinate. At that point they will consider almost useless “to risk” with the covid vaccine.

The perception of urgency could further lower itself at a time not to underestimate also and especially because of the continuous birth of variants. If futures were resistant to vaccines we should start again.” What do you remember about that phone call of gabrielli that brought it back to Italy to fight against an enemy so far never faced?

In three to manage unknown protocols, moments of complete disorientation in which it departed from zero. I remember that the cts had not even a reference mail yet to communicate. He slept three hours a night in desperate search of oxygen tanks, suits, visors, masks.

The validation of those devices was solely at the head of the committee with very technical dictates that were not always within our competences. The sense of absolute impotence in front of the peak of the more than 900 dead.