“I don’t want to eat compotes all my life! » : after the Covid-19, they lost taste and smell

InvestigationThe impression of swallowing cardboard stuff, which transforms each meal into a beg for weeks or months… a chamboo odor, which even disrupts love relationships… the not so secondary effects of coronavirus. He remembers the day, September 26, 2020, almost the hour. Do not need to take a look at a medical dictionary, the young medical student who “loves to eat” quickly made the connection with two of the frequent symptoms of the Covid-19: loss of taste (agueusia) and smell (anosmie).

She offered her a loto of odors, a game for children: small boxes with different scents to guess, to “train the brain to redo connections”. Today, he is able to feel “sweet or salty”, but, overall, “it stagnates”. Not for everyone: his parents have more than once taken advantage of the situation to smoke in their Parisian cuisine: “He doesn’t make us war anymore.

Since then, the impression of swallowing “Cardboard stuff” continues the thirty-year-old Parisian. On the advice of his generalist, he bought seven essential oils to sniff every day by pronounced the name with a loud voice. But, overall, he estimated that he had recovered 0.5% of his odorate, “like for taste”.

For this single mother who loved to cook, eating became a “supply”, accomplished “only to feed”, for her and her daughters. Its diet has reduced to about ten products “which are worth and fast or crisp: ouf, a sensation! As a result: less than 10 kilos and less energy in front of his students.

She did not find a response to her generalist, “probably surpassed by the situation at the time.” She has just decided, lately, to start a rehabilitation and to consult an orl: “I don’t want to eat compotes all my life! The suite is reserved for subscribers.