The super alloy kicks. The Egg: “We will exclude registered clubs”

The super alloy kicks. The Egg: “We will exclude registered clubs”

The Uefa is gathered in Switzerland for the congress ready to launch the new formula of the champions that starts in 2024 and is managed by a fag. On the table the nth episode of the super league, alternative competition managed for vip inputs and based on repeated challenges among the most successful clubs in Europe. First mirage, then threat and now actual possibility of splitting.

France and germany, as well as invited with psg bayern monk and borussia dortmund, have decided to stay out. The clash is now frontal, the times of the air conditioners are gone to heavy words. The Eca, gathered in its absence, yesterday she joined with the Uefa.

But it never enough because this is the point of arrival of a road that the ball took so long ago. Now suddenly we discover morality and, however, go, maybe the breakage will help to question a system on the point of collapse. The current champions cannot so much and it would be difficult to achieve the goal as well for the extra large one.

The knot of the dispute lies here and is the moment when the hands snap on the trigger. Those who participate in unrecognized competitions will be banned from all official tournaments and players of these teams will not be able to participate in Uefa or Fifa competitions”. They close with “enough is enough”, much more than a “adesso enough” and thank all the clubs that have decided to stay out of it and the entire france and germany.

Macron declares that this plan “was against the principles of sport” and on the same tone follows boris johnson: “The game and the fans are damaged.” From England, which provides half of the package, the voices of men are raised, as a fergoon “indignated by so much contempt”. It remains to be understood how the opposite fronts will hold positions and who is ready to support them in court because there will end.

The federation has been clear, the president gravina, running for a place in the executive uefa as well as evelina christillin nominated in fifa council quota, has reiterated to be “from always strongly opposed to the super League”. How much money are there, what champions would give up the world? Few, but the lawyers of each side are at work to understand up to where you can really push and the boundaries are not clear at all.

Hours we see where they shoot and if they blow the ball.