Mysteries: “More risks with closed classrooms, dad will in part be there again”

Mysteries: “More risks with closed classrooms, dad will in part be there again”

“Reopening all schools is a potential risk, it is true, but it is also continuing to keep them closed.” Mean Augustine for a year has been at the forefront of the battle to bring students back to class. First as coordinator of the technical-scientific committee, now as a consultant to the Minister of Education, White Patrizio.

And on the front of public transport great steps forward we have not made of it, no? —We talk about it from April 2020, a year has passed in vain, in many realities without the necessary strengthening of the service, in other things has been done. In the face of a transport deficit, the only short-term solution is to unleash student entrances and lengthen the time, if necessary reorganizing the attendance of school staff, there is money to cover costs.

This reduces the risk of assemblies.” “Comprehensible, but I invite everyone to reflect on what it would mean to leave the boys around, alone and without control. With the planned reopenings in the coming weeks, they will certainly not be closed in the house and extracurricular aggregations are much more dangerous.

The point is that schools, hearing the presidi, are not in a position to bring everyone back safely. A quota of Dad will remain, today is physiological”. Will cts arrive integrations to the anti-Covid security protocol in schools?

Ffp2 masks for teachers and school staff, always open windows in class, if the weather allows. Then a more accentuated space in the places where you are without mask and there is little ventilation, I think of the canteens, previewing different shifts for meals. The important thing is to give clear information to school leaders.”Speaking of clarity, the famous screening with tampons or saliva tests inside schools can you do?

Locally, civil protection volunteers can be involved to tour the schools of the country or the town. As for saliva tests, they must first be authorized by the health ministry. In any case, the test cannot be compulsory for the school attendance and, being minor, must be authorized by the parents”.

In some regions half of the school staff failed to vaccinate, in others it discovered 30%: what do you do? “If we had the availability of vaccines that had been promised, we would have been able to complete the vaccination campaign for all school staff, but we had to give priority to elderly and fragile, to save lives. Is there a risk that some regional presidents decide to reduce class attendance?

These decisions are too important and strategic, they cannot be left to the autonomy of the territory”.