“We’re all ruined, we do this to save football.”

These red numbers that have affected all the teams on the planet have been ceded with the Spanish clubs, which still cannot accommodate spectators in so stadiums. In the case of the real madrid, pérez assured that they have lost 400 million euros since the coronavirus pandemic began. We had a budget of 800 last year and we ended up with 700.

And this season instead of 900 we’ll see if we’re going to 600. “Why don’t young people have an interest in football?” Asked about the threats he has received from the uefa, the fifa, the federations and the local leagues, the president of the madrid said that “it is impossible for the madrid to get rid of this Champions League” and that this project is made “to save the football”.

“Football has to evolve, adapt to the times we live”, and has focused so arguments on the bad audiences among the younger fans. “Football has been losing interest, audiences and television rights have come down. Something had to be done and the pandemic has told us that we had to do it already.

We are all ruined. Football is the only global sport and these twelve clubs have fans everywhere. We do this to save football at a critical time.

There are people who care because they don’t want to lose so privileges.” In the 1950s the uefa and the fifa also heard and changed the story. That we play among the great, on television is what is most valued”.

If the above ones have money, it flows to all and we buy players. If you don’t generate money, it doesn’t exist. We have fans all over the world, that’s for the networks, for the followers.

We don’t want the big ones to be richer and the poorer little ones. Football is in a free fall.”