Reopening: with the breath suspended for the decree, but the trentino plays of anticipation

Reopening: with the breath suspended for the decree, but the trentino plays of anticipation

The tension, therefore, is to the stars. Technical, political and economic issues aside, here is a guide on how you can move between locals, bars and restaurants from 26 April. A date symbol: from that day, in fact, the yellow zone will return where the values relative to the epidemic will allow it.

Shift between regionsyellow zone does not mean “free all”, but a loosening of restrictions yes. What changes for restaurants. And this will go until the end of the month of May, when, counting allowing, they should subtract further loosening.

From the first June – always in the yellow area – you eat in the restaurants indoors only at lunch. For those in the orange and red areain orange and red band the bars and restaurants remain closed at lunch and dinner. All over Italy, food and beverages are allowed from restaurants, wine shops and wine shops until 22 and from bars until 18, also in orange and red band.

All over Italy, food and beverage delivery is always allowed. From June 1st, only in yellow band, restaurants can reopen for lunch even inside. It is forbidden to stop in front of the premises, it is forbidden to eat food or drinks outside the premises.

Tables must be occupied by up to 4 people, unless they are convivents. Buffets are allowed only if managed by the staff. The staff must always wear the mask, customers must wear it when they are not at the table.

The rulesHere, now, the rules fixed and that will also be authentic in the next decree to ensure the reopenings safely. The staff will always have to wear the mask and the premises will have to be aired continuously. In the toilets the air recycling must be maintained.

Self-service mode can be allowed for buffets made exclusively with products packaged in monodose. There are those who play in advancebut there are those who have already played in advance. It happens in trentino and it is a kind of appetizer of how the rest of Italy can live in six days: this region, in fact, has given away free opening, outdoors, about 3,000 local, between bars, restaurants, pizzerias and farms.

The rules: consumption at the table allowed from 5 to 18, for a maximum of four people, except livestock, with the stop that must not exceed the hour and a half. Access to the internal spaces allowed exclusively to those who enjoy a meal or a business canteen service. Enthusiastic the Trentino, judging by the amount of people who already decided yesterday morning to enjoy a breakfast or an aperitif by swapping a chat in the sun.

“for us is a day of celebration – explains fabia roman, owner of the Venetian coffee of thirty and president of the association public exercises of the Trentino -. Finally, it’s nice to return to a normal life’s appearance.” You want to return to try again the pleasant feeling of sitting at the restaurant, cut out time for aperitif or get coffee with the china or glass cup.

And perhaps, from April 26, our life will be a little more normal.