Valverde shines in the podium of the valona arrow and its withdrawal rethinks: “I don’t know if it’s my last year”

Valverde shines in the podium of the valona arrow and its withdrawal rethinks:

The walnut arrow is the shortest race in the world. It always scoops or exceeds 200 kilometers, but in reality it only matters the 1,300 finals. Even less, as the attacks rarely begin before the end half mile.

Only two things matter in this race: having strength (as in all) and knowing the exact piece of asphalt in which you have to accelerate the march so that no one can react. Cousin roglic, who despite having already 31 years had never disputed the valona arrow, intuits that the right time to attack is in the absence of 400 meters. It seems to leave without remedy, but behind it emerge two guys who know that the Slovenian has precipitated, kings of huy.

One is julian alaphilippe, great favorite for the triumph, that in so four previous participations added two victories and two second positions. And the other is distant valverde, with so five unreachable triumphs in the arrow, two of them ahead of the world champion. It was other times, or not, with the bullet, even if it is four days from the age of 41, it is never known.

The Swiss was last-minute drop along with the whole uae for two suspicious cases of covid. Yes, the whole uae was vaccinated before the start of the season, but the virus is like that. And above all the tests, because they defend on the pogacar team that several subsequent private tests ruled out the positives.

But, you know, with the covid it is not taking the slightest risk. This whole film is indifferent to valverde, who feels young, feels plethora, eighth podium in the valona arrow with almost 41 years, a place where no one already expected him. “I don’t know if it is my last arrow.

It seems amazing, but valverde still doesn’t get exhausted, and you have to start to doubt if it will one day.