To denmark, a “Coronapas” to accelerate reopening

To denmark, a

At the entrance of the museum glyptotek, in Copenhague, employees check the “coronapas” of inge horup, a retired person who comes to visit this public place on April 21, 2021. Smoker cart for “the world”They are all a taboo, to delight from the last rays of the sun, on the terrace, in front of a beer. “It was hard to focus on work today,” says krussel, who recalls that she and her colleagues have not set foot in a bar or restaurant since December 8, 2020, the date of the second denmark containment.

Four months later, the time is finally at the reopening. In anticipation of the evening, to be allowed to eat inside the restaurant, lea made a pcr test the day before. Both have downloaded the min sundhed app (“my health”) on their mobile phone, which allows them to access their secure health account, where the test result appears.

The Danish must also present it, since 6 April, in the hairdresser, the tattooer, the masseur and in the beauty institutes or self-schools. From May 6th, it will also be used for cinemas and showrooms, as well as sports and cultural activities inside. Lucca harbo, lea krussel and julie hartmann are colleagues and have all been doing a test before finding themselves.

In the denmark, it is not necessary to be tested to sit outside a bar, but a negative test and a reservation are necessary to enter inside. Copenhague, April 21, 2021. The suite is reserved for subscribers.