“Sustainability is a must to fly. accelerates the zero carbon transformation»

5′ readingSustainability for the air sector is now a ‘must do;’ because, if today you do not fly for health risks, tomorrow may only fly those who do not have environmental risks. The desire to fly there, he says, and there are conditions for a safe but less limited mobility. How do we reconcile sustainability with the air transport sector?

“We have now gone to a phase of integration of sustainability in every business process. In other words, tomorrow will work and will fly only those who will not present environmental risks while others will take off the market. It seems an exaggerated scenario but it will be so and policies, both at European and national level, point in this direction.

While recognizing that we are talking about an area that has a significant environmental footprint, the answer can not be not to fly, but to stuff the sleeves to make the air transport more sustainable: you can do”.