Corona | culture industry: merkel introduces in future opening steps

Corona | culture industry: merkel introduces in future opening steps
27.04.2021, Berlin: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) spricht bei der virtuellen Reihe «Die Bundeskanzlerin im Gespräch» mit Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden. Foto: Carstensen,Jörg/Action Press/POOL/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

For each opening stepmerkel makes loosenings for culture in view27.04.2021, 19:40 uhr | dpabundeskanzler merkel during her digital conversation with cultural workers: in her discussion round, the chancellor spoke with family, studying or security and revival forces in the last few months. (source: jörg Carstensen/dpa)the culture suffers like hardly any other area under the pandemic. Kanzlerin merkel is now looking for the direct talk and making announcements.

In case of loosening of pandemic measures, Chancellor Angela merkel wants to know the culture always taken into account. “It is really important that every opening step has an element of culture,” said the CDU politician on Tuesday during an online conference with 14 art and culture professionals from different areas of the scene. Many people longed for the performance of the culture.

Merkel wants to see the culture treated like the sport. “we can’t give the football the viewers and not to them,” said the Chancellor. Large affectedthe chancellor showed understanding for the situation of many cultural workers in the pandemic.

Artists lived through the depiction of their emotions, their ability, whether about an instrument, the spoken word or exposition. The large part of the cultural workers had been affected from the beginning. “It’s a sad time, you have to say that it’s getting fruity, you can understand,” said merkel.

From the cultural point of view, it was repeatedly a matter of protecting the culture from fundamental law. “Everything anchored in the Basic Law will also not help them to obtain a legal claim,” replied. Avoid savingsat the same time warned merkel about possible follow of savings in the cultural sector.

With a view of the financial effects of the pandemic spoke merkel of a “very difficult thing” for the coming years. Merkel assured: “we cannot dismiss the pandemic aids at the moment when the pandemic is to end, but this will still need investment in the next few years. “we must not have constant growth,” said the Chancellor with a look at the infection numbers.

The necessary infrastructure must also be respected for cultural events that are considered to be comparatively safe, such as access routes via public transport. Merkel referred to many necessary contacts even before and after a cultural event: “the man does not fall out of the bed directly into the theatre.”