Crissants: “Intemptive reopening, first you had to create a plan to intercept variants”


He is convinced andrea crisanti, ordinary professor of microbiology at the University of padua, commenting on the reopenings that started yesterday, 26 April, at the microphones of skytg24. “With a further month we could have decreased covid cases, lowered pressure on the health system and created a system of monitoring variants. Only then would we have opened with more security,” he continued.

According to the professor of Padua will now take the path “a desperate race to vaccinate as many people as possible and hope that in the meantime we are not attacked by variants”. crissants: «The high number of deaths? Is due to too much mobility, the virus walks with our legs»but according to crisanti this “is not a correct approach”, besides representing “a compromise that meets the right needs of the operators”.

Moreover, the number of deaths recorded daily in Italy “does not fall because the measures we have taken so far have not been sufficient”. Crissants: “Eat a plan to track and sequence variants”before proceeding with the reopenings, according to crisanti, it would have been necessary to create is an overall plan, that “it could be programmed even before”. A plan in which “the infrastructure to control variants”, including the Indian one that “generates very numerous clusters and probably has a high infectivity index”.