Dear Premier, on women and kindergartens we are not

Dear Premier, on women and kindergartens we are not

I will do so by exercising the critical evaluation of the figures, as it serves in an advanced democracy. I have various points to be focused on. The first thing a next generation eu should answer is the quality of life and the well-being of children.

On this I know to interpret a desire of all. Cross them to the country. I don’t think we’re here, looking at nest figures.

With the government of the counti the allocation was 3 billion 600 million that did not reach cover even 33 percent of places in public nests in every region of the country. Gypsies had agreed, democratic women too. And so exponents of the 5 stars of leu, Italian force, brothers of Italy.

Many female associations had asked three billions and six hundred million more. Go to page 231 of the pnrr where you say 152 thousand children in the nest as a goal. Two billion and 400 million, one billion and 200 million less than counties.

And the figure circulating on the media is 4 billion 600 million but this also contains schools for children and other services for the family. There are those who say “we will never make it” with bureaucracy! Why should we do it with the bridges and economic infrastructure and not on the nests?

Let us remember that only 355 thousand are the places of nests. It takes 4 and a half billion more that are only 2% of the total figure. Second point.

The pnrr provides a very important thing, the reform of assistance and non-self-sufficiency. Remember, we have a law 328 of 21 years ago ever implemented. Can we always do social reforms at zero cost or almost?

It is evident that this will bring female occupation and quality of the lives of the elderly and disabled. Third point. The figure is that of the counti, very low, 400 million.

Why save on aspects that affect women in an important way? But with such a low investment in educational services for childhood, assistance and entrepreneurship how will we arrive? An important point we could use for bands to hire more women.

We hope that this will be a very small hypothesis, since we lost 950 thousand with all the blocking of dismissals. Certainly women will not gain much, being the most touched sectors with high male employment intensity. But have we given a growth goal for women?

I don’t think so, and then what brings us to say that this plan will be the great turning point for women in the country? Shouldn’t we do the impact assessment of that kind before we say so? There is no doubt that we are talking for the first time of a great project for the country led by a great president Mario dragons.

But on women we must be more challenging, freeing their energies will bring an incredible force to change. The opinions expressed here are sole responsibility of the author and do not commit Istat