Progressive deconfinement: the world of culture greets without taking away

Progressive deconfinement: the world of culture greets without taking away

Parisian cinema, June 22, 2020. thomas coex / afpTwo hundred days they were waiting for him. The world of culture welcomes the gradual reopening of the show and exhibition halls – announced on Thursday, April 29 by emmanuel macron in an interview with the regional press – but notes the many uncertainties that remain. “It’s a relief, and an adrenaline shock!” exclaims cédric aubry, an operator of dark rooms that laid the last stone of a brand new cinema in Bar-le-Duc (meuse.)

In December, it has only been a hurry: to lift the curtain, and as for thousands of other cultural places in france, closed since the end of October. “We are very happy to reopen, it is a very anticipated event by spectators and professionals. Finally, the france regains its culture!

“The establishments were helped (financially) to be closed, they will be helped to open. The health situation needs to be taken into account, today everyone can understand that the government is not moving forward. Even relief on the side of certain exhibition sites, the president of culturespaces (workshop of lights and museum Jacquemart-André) even welcoming a “divine surprise”.

“like all French museums, we are ready for all gauges, for all conditions. And we are especially ready to restore the link between the individual and art,” abounded mathieu marianne, the director of the Marmottan-Monet Museum. Interviewed by Agence France-Presse (afp) on the conditions of the recovery, the Ministry of Culture did not follow up.

Interviewed by AFP, major public museums also preferred to wait to find out more about responding publicly. The reopening plan “does not correspond to what had been announced to us,” she regrets. “to open up (…) is to put you in greater difficulty than today,” he said.

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