“I don’t mean to be an emblem, but I do transmit some values”

On the right leg, the joker – his nickname- of heath ledger and joaquin phoenix, the christopher nolan batman trilogy, travis fimmel as ragnar lothbrok and natalie portman. On the right arm, animals; on the left, the portrait of his grandmother. On the neck, a pawn and a Japanese tiger, and there’s still more.

At the naked eye (chativa, 1993) he draws attention to the immense collection of tattoos that cover his skin. “I do not intend to be an emblem or a reference, but I do transmit some values that need to be consolidated gradually in society, especially among the dwarfs,” he explains. “I see it so normal within my family [his brother is gay], it has always been so, that I don’t feel like doing anything strange,” he says about his support for the gay collective.

I don’t want to give lessons, but if it helps someone, phenomenal.” Political involvementIt is not the usual, almost nothing in it is, but sometimes it also speaks in so social networks of politics, another of the football taboos. We have to have respect for all the Spanish people and more with revenge.

“The footballers tend to follow a fixed script on the nets: all football, game, prepartite, ‘content for victory’, ‘the week has been hard’, ‘we’re going to continue working’. It’s the sports club’s ceo and plans to be a physical therapist when he hangs the boots. “They may give more importance to the champions, but they also want to win the league.

They sure get their best eleven to try to win us. We don’t have any stone in the backpack, we go with relaxation, but also with the ambition to win,” he promises.