Slender pains again favors your association in appointments for key prosecutorial positions

Slender pains again favors your association in appointments for key prosecutorial positions

The president of the progressive union of prosecutors (upf) ascends to the highest category and a former president, head of Castilla-La stain. Thin pains has appointed for the Chamber Prosecutor’s Square – the highest category in the race- against violence against women to teresa peramato, the current president of the progressive union of prosecutors (upf,) to which she was a slender member for years and from which she was a candidate. In addition, he has elected a former president of the same association and current treasurer, emilio fernández, as the new superior prosecutor of Castilla-La stain.

He does not renew in that position so delicate klink k jesús, that in return he has obtained a place in the prosecution of the constitutional. Criticismthe fiscal council is currently composed of five members of the majority association of prosecutors (af) and four of the upf, elected by vote among the members of the race. To them are added as born members the Attorney General, the prosecutor of the supreme and the chief of the inspection.

After the last appointments, the association of prosecutors reported that the office was thinning to count the membership of the upf and its personal affinity, rather than to assess the merits and capacity. Appointments are voted on by the council, but it is the general prosecutor who decides who goes to each post regardless of the voting result. The places of inspection and violence on women have had the vows of the upf vows and the natos.

In the three cases the majority association supported other candidates. Not all the relevant positions in dispute have gone to the upf. He will remain in his post at the head of the prosecution of the superior court of cantabria maria pillar jiménez bados, belonging to the af.

He will do it with thin support the other two born vowels and the five of his association. And the new chief prosecutor of the extreme tsj will be javier montero juanes, backed by the af. Taxation of the papersThis Tuesday was also elected to number two of the anti-corruption prosecution.

His place will be occupied by a Romeral antony, the prosecutor who is taking the trial of the barbarian papers. The list of appointments on the board has been long.