The numbers in clear. I’m going to look forward to: “Improvement still too slow. in two weeks the negative effects of reopening»

The numbers in clear. I'm going to look forward to:

An uphill trend with regard to the positives: yesterday, May 3, that date stood at +5.948. In decrease, instead, the rate of positivity that stops at 2.88%. While there are 136 new entrances in the country’s intensive care departments; number slightly increasing compared to the 121 entries recorded yesterday.

The data of the day“The aspect of death remains worrying, the number is still too high,” he says. “But the rate of positivity is overall falling. This shows that there is still great circulation of the virus on the weak bands.

I think we have to tighten our teeth, to allow the vaccination campaign to move at full speed.” And again: “Since April we certainly see an improvement, but it is still too slow”.