The civilian guard studies the marine currents and extends the search to the south of haveife to give with anna and olivia

The civilian guard studies the marine currents and extends the search to the south of haveife to give with anna and olivia

According to sources of research, the search area has spread to the south of the coast of the port, very close to the gomera. The tracks started on the southeast coast, near where the tomas ship appeared. The civilian guard has also mobilized one of the so-called transoceanic ships, a 70-metre robotic vessel whose action radius is wider than conventional ships.

The group of specialists in underwater activities (geas) of the armed institute also works without rest. In addition, civil guard and seprone security officers also collaborate in the monitoring of the coast to alert any element coming from the sea. agents participating in the search device are operating from dawn to dusk.

Giving with the positioning of the mobile tomore to put in order the hours and so last movements is key to the advance of the research. The agents are locating all the boats that sailed through the area to analyze the routes and identify potential witnesses. To this end, agents of the technical team of the central operating unit (uco) of the civilian guard traveled to canaries.

So far, she came with the girls from her parents’ house. That’s why researchers focus on this segment of time to dispense with so-called research contours. The last time he saw Gimeno tomas was at 23.30 on Tuesday, entering the ocean with his recreation boat.

Two hours earlier, a marina camera from the port of marina of haveife caught him carrying packages and suitcases from his car to the boat. He must have returned to anna and olivia to his former beatriz woman at 9:00, but he did not. Instead of taking them home, and in front of the insistent calls of beatr, he told him he would never see the girls again.

The characteristics of the case made the civilian guard, from the beginning, a high risk. Tomas and beatriz separated in August of last year and in December she assured that the father of her daughters had threatened her verbally. The civilian guard, however, decided to follow up on his own motion.

Last March, the agents contacted the woman again and asked if the threats had been repeated again. Voyage to high seaTomás picked up his daughters on Tuesday at 5 p.m. The man was with the girls at their parents’ house until 19.30. at that time he spoke several times on the phone with beatriz.

At 21.30, the port chambers recorded him alone, without anna and olivia, carrying bags and packages from his car to the recreation boat of his property. He told him that he had taken the girls to dinner and would take them later. Then he warned him that he would not see them again and later reassured her.

Tomas returned from the high seas at 2330 hours and went to a gas station to buy tobacco and a charger for his mobile. Then he asked the port guard to load his cell phone. Well in the early morning, he sent messages to his family and friends in farewell, according to sources of the investigation.

When he had not yet dawned, it was the relatives and all those who alerted the beatriz. He was told that the man had sent them farewell messages. At 0600 hours on Wednesday, the mother of the girls moved to the civilian guard to report the facts.

He went back into the sea and lost his lead.