After Scotland’s election: new independent debate – breaks Britain?

After Scotland's election: new independent debate – breaks Britain?
Scotland's First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon poses for photographers, at Bute House in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sunday, May 9, 2021. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited the leaders of the U.K.’s devolved nations for crisis talks on the union after Scotland’s pro-independence party won its fourth straight parliamentary election. Sturgeon said the election results proved a second independence vote for Scotland was “the will of the country." She said any London politician who stood in the way would be “picking a fight with the democratic wishes of the Scottish people.” (AP Photo/Scott Heppell)

By choice in Scottlandnew independent debate: breaks Britain? 09.05.2021, 18:09 uhr | dpathe independent party of the scottish government-sefin nicola sturgeon has won the parlament election. Now she wants to redeem her in a parable – and to make the vote on the independence of the country.

With a clear success of the nationalists in the parliamentary elections, a bitter struggle for a new referendum on Scottish independence from Britain has begun. Federal nicola sturgeon delivered an emotional fardial with the government in london on Sunday about the high level of meaning. As an appointment for a new referendum is 2022 in the talk.

The question of whether Scotland is returning to the European union – without the other parts of the united kingdom. The British state minister michael gove, on the other hand, said in the sender sky news, the question of a referendum does not present itself. Gove pointed out that the snp missed the hoped absolute majority in the parlament at the election.

A clear statement as to whether london would ban a referendum, but missed johnson’s more familiar. “If we are discussed in debates about referencing and conscientious, we are devoting the attention of the themes that are most important for people in Scotland and throughout the united kingdom of the king.” “It is the will of the land,” she emphasised with a view of independence.

Without voting from london would be a referendum after view of most expert not right. Sturgeon continued to say, “the only people who can decide on the future of Scotland are the Scottish.” If london block these wills, the united kingdom no longer manages a union, but forcibly.

Their vize john swinney assisted: “boris johnson is not some kind of lehensor of Scotland.” The choice was considered to be an atmospheric test for the desire for independence. Stuegeon to johnson: “let the spikelleckerei”sturgeon suggested that next year it could come to the referendum.

“This is team united kingdom in action.” Is expected that london will now pump billion pounds into the Scottish economy – in an attempt to improve the mood for the kingdom of kings. Johnson’s charming offensive let her flash off with the words: “let the spikelleckerei, shows simply respect.”

That can be derived from the election resultthe British government stressed that the issue of independence had already been resolved in the 2014 referendum. The snp, on the other hand, argues that the output position has changed by the brexit. The Scottish had rejected an EU exit at the Brexit referendum in 2016, but were overtuned.

Johnson declined a new popular survey once again as “unresponsible and inconsiderate”. “the only safe conclusion that can be drawn from this election result is that Scotland is actually divided in the constitutional question,” commented the political scientist john curtice.