Sileri: «Via le mascherine outdoor con 30 million vaccinated people»

Sileri: «Via le mascherine outdoor con 30 million vaccinated people»
Il viceministro della Salute, Pierpaolo Sileri, a Napoli in visita ai reparti all'Istituto dei tumori 'Pascale' dove si e' soffermato con i dirigenti e con il personale medico e paramedico, 27 luglio 2020 ANSA / CIRO FUSCO

A plausible hypothesis according to the undersecretary to health pierpaolo sileri, but only when “the 30 million vaccinated, at least with a dose will be reached”. The mask, however, will have to be carried in the pocket, and worn if you were to be in the middle of any assemblies. Yes to the reopening of shopping centres on weekendsthe undersecretary then touched the theme of the reopening of the shopping centers on weekends.

«I do not see why they should not reopen in the drink term – he observed -. It is clear that even the shopping centres, with rules to be respected, must resume their activities”, even in the light of current data. As already anticipated, sileri expects an increase of the peasants, in particular among the younger bands of the population.

No to abolish curfewin parallel to the progressive reopening, sileri has reiterated that it is favorable to the slip of the curfew at 23 or 24, “continue to check the numbers”. We go by degrees, try not to run too much, already move it at midnight I think it is a good step forward”. Afterwards, “we will see what will happen in June, when we would have reached 30 million people vaccinated with the first dose”.

Only then, according to the secrecy of the Sileri, “it will be clear that you will be able to take a few further steps forward”.