“The underground railway” which leads to freedom

2′ readingin the direction notes attached to the press anticipation of the underground railroad, barry jenkins seems to identify in the series a first point of arrival for his career. An informal associationthe underground railway was an informal association active in the United states from the early 1800s to the civil war, which helped blacks escape from the slave states of the south to the north or the canada. Was a network of refuges – “stations”, often private houses – managed by “capitreno” who knew the paths that connected one refuge to another.

The novelthe series, like the novel, literifies the metaphor by imagining a real railroad that runs underground from the south to the north of the country, built by free blacks for their brothers in chains. The hero (thoo mbedu) escapes from the Georgian plantation and crosses carolina, tennessee, Indian, chased by the ridgeway slave hunter (joel edgerton). Another is the visual style, which deeply changes during the episodes but always maintains an indefinible suspension between dream and reality.

The underground railway is painful, often difficult to see.