Corona-Pandemie – RKI-Chef wieler: “at the moment impfquote is not enough”

Corona-Pandemie – RKI-Chef wieler:
Prof. Lothar H. Wieler, Praesident Robert-Koch-Institut RKI, Jens Spahn, Bundesminister fuer Gesundheit, CDU, PK zu - Aktuelle Corona-Lage, DEU, Berlin, 15.04.2021 *** Prof Lothar H Wieler, President Robert Koch Institute RKI , Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health, CDU, PK zu Aktuelle Corona Lage, DEU, Berlin, 15 04 2021

Decreasing incidence and more inoculationWieler: “at the moment the vaccination is not enough”12.05.2021, 13:07 uhr | lw, afp, dpa, rtrthe measures against the corona pandemic seem to fertilize. More and more people are vaccinated, the infections are falling. Health minister spahn and RKI boss Wieler are still making a point.

Bundesgesundheitsminister jens spahn, despite the destressing of the Corona position, has also deliberately cultivated. With decreasing infections and on the intensive stations go “all in the right direction,” said the CDU politician on Wednesday in berlin. It was now, however, very careful that it is not too presumed to be overmuted and there is no too much contact and loosening.

It will only decide in the next weeks whether the situation is better in summer as a whole. On all political levels, therefore, readiness is necessary to introduce restrictions and not to wait long in the event of increasing infections. Accordingly, for completely vaccinated and genesene test requirements and quarantine specifications are to fall away – unless one comes from a region with more contagious virus variants.

The President of the Robert Koch Institute (rki,) lothar Wieler, expressed satisfaction with the development of the infection. The incidence of new infections is currently falling in all countries and all age groups. “If we are all confident, we must not forget one thing: this pandemic is not over,” said Wieler.

The younger, including many pupils as well as young adults, and there are still about 1,000 deaths per week. “Everyone will experience this virus”spahn and Wieler were intrusive for vaccination. “Everyone will experience this virus,” spahn said.

A vaccination is the better away, the minister and also the minister. Asler emphasised: “at the moment, the vaccination rate is not enough to achieve a herdimmunity of more than 80 percent. With a view to corona vaccinations in children and youth, health minister spahn said that the vaccination, once admitted in Germany, is not obligatory for young people.

He gets many questions from parents who wished to vaccination, for example for children who had asthma. This will promote clinical development until the approval of new medicinal products, said the CDU politician. The development of these medicaments is “externally cost-intensive” and can often not be carried by the participating companies alone.

With the joint promotion of the Ministry of Research and Health, production capacities at the location deutschland should be “built and expanded”. One cannot assume that there will be only one miraculous, there would be different approaches, so karliczek. The number of new infections reported within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants was, according to rki on Wednesday, 107,8 (previous day: 115,4; previous week: 132.8).