The awakening of reactor 4. today as 35 years ago, silence reigns on chernobyl: “They don’t tell anything. we just want to go away»

The awakening of reactor 4. today as 35 years ago, silence reigns on chernobyl:

The reactor number 4 has resumed to burn but the news to the “children” of chernobyl has not arrived. Children of a generation destroyed by one of the most tragic catastrophes in history, try to understand more than what is happening to the old nuclear power plant. A few kilometers from chernobyl though it seems that the news does not circumvent.

“Children and young adults of chernobyl are still kept in the dark today, as it was done with their families. The cultural heritage on this has unfortunately never changed”, continues poli. While scientists seem to be cautious about the extent of the risk of awakening reported in the reactor, although “not excluding the possibility of an accident”, the generations of chernobyl continue to get sick.

“Not to mention what they eat, the Cesio-137 present in fruit, vegetables and their meat is lethal for the internal organs with the passing of the years”. “They don’t tell us anything, the desire is to run away”dina havrylenko was a “child” of chernobyl, now she is a young woman who knows well what it means to lose a whole family for cancer. Born in October of that terrible 1968, he came to the world five months after the catastrophe, soon knowing the consequences.

“I remember that my family tried to get away from the place where we lived but there was nothing to do, two terrible songs took away both my father and my mother. Like most children and children of chernobyl, she also grew up succeeding in spending several months a year in italy. They are called rehabilitation trips, months in which children and young people from the areas affected by the nuclear disaster, are welcomed by the foster families spread throughout Italy to detoxify themselves.

I know what it means to feel in a protected place, where you know that what you eat is not toxic, where you are welcomed as being one of them.” Travel in Italy that save, but from hope still no answer“The Ukrainian government has given the green light, Italy still awaits the decision of the Ministry of Health. For now it is still all suspended, as it was for the summer 2020 until last Christmas and Easter, which forced the children to stay away from their Italian house».

Considered the available data, therapeutic travel for children and young people of chernobyl continue to be of fundamental importance. “Last year they told us that for covid we could not see our families. I miss them so much, not knowing anything about when I can re-arm them is painful,” concludes natalia.